Diaper 101 Series: Choosing Eco-Disposables

eco-disposable diapers

Almost gone are the days when eco-disposables were only available at alternative stores. These diapers are increasing being stocked on the shelves of  major stores, making them an easy option for families looking to add more green practices into their lives.

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Daycare and Diapering

Childcare and Cloth diapers

Cloth diapers and childcare can work but it may take some planning, time and flexibility on your part to make it happen.

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Which Cloth Diapering Fibre Should You Choose?

choosing the best cloth diaper fibre

Deciding which diapering materials you or your baby would prefer is a key component of finding the best cloth diapers.

This is the time to think about why you are choosing to cloth diaper. Is it because you want to reduce the toxins your child is exposed to? Are you interested in cloth diapering because of your budget? Do you feel strongly about using natural and organic materials? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you narrow down your cloth diaper shopping list!

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How To Store Your Cloth Diapers

Get the image of a wet, soggy pail full of dirty diapers out of your mind! Wet diaper pails are a thing of the past as well as a safety issue. It is never safe to keep water stored in any capacity that children could reach. Today’s cloth diapers are stored in some form of a waterproof bag and/or a diaper pail. Toss your messy diapers and cloth wipes in one of these storage solutions and empty  directly into the wash on laundry day. Don’t forget to wash your wet bag and/or pail liner too!


Storing Cloth Diapers At Home

Wet Bags

Available with a drawstring, zipper, or a simple opening, wet bags are an ideal place to store your cloth diapers when you have limited floor space. Using the bag’s handles, simply hang it up close to your changing area. Get one with a zipper and once your child is potty trained, use it for days at the beach or swimming lessons.

cloth diaper storage solutions

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Understanding Cloth Diaper Lingo

Cloth Diaper Cheat Sheet: Part Two

Understanding Cloth Diaper Words

Once you start to consider cloth diapering as a real option, the research phase sets in and so can confusion as you try to decipher the seemly secret language of cloth diapering.

Last week, we explained the names and styles of cloth diapers including which situations each one was most recommended. In Part Two of our Cloth Diaper Cheat Sheet series, we’ll define commonly mentioned products and words.

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This Is A Cloth Diaper Cheat Sheet

The Secret Language Of Cloth Diapering: Part One

Upon joining a club or becoming friends with a new group, there’s always some lingo to learn in order to feel like you’re in the know. Consider this post your initiation. All you need to know to begin navigating the world of cloth diaper names will be revealed. Not only will I translate the strange cloth diaper abbreviations  but I will also give you the low down about which diapers may be suited to your lifestyle!

understanding cloth diaper names

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Cloth Diapering Info You Can Use

Sickness, money, gossip, science and safety.  I’ve gathered some of my favourite cloth diaper related articles from around the internet for you to read. Check them out and then leave a comment telling me something you learned from these articles.

cloth diaper information


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{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday: Simple Sustainability

Did you know that sustainability means the capacity to endure? The word makes me imagine farmer’s fields and working the land. As an urban mama that’s just not my reality so I thought I’d take a quick look at my family’s green living practices to see which ones I consider sustainable.

We Make It Ourselves

From cleaning products, air fresheners, play dough and sometimes shampoo, we mix up our own simple recipes that are safe for the whole family and our planet. We’re building independence, D.I.Y. traditions and passing on family “secrets” to be handed down for generations.

 Sustainability Ideas: DIY Shampoo

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In The Last Days Before School

These last days of summer belong to my son. School is approaching and I feel like I’m witnessing the last days of my firstborn’s babyhood. Soon begin his very first days of school and he’ll change. His teacher will become an equally important voice in his life. He’ll begin to conform academically and socially to school expectations. Friends will matter a great deal to him. They’ll be an influence on his choices and he’ll come home from school filled with chatter about  birthday party invites and playmates.

child watching the world

I can already see his graduation from high school and I need to stop and see the beauty of this time in front of me, before it’s the past. I’m trying very hard to stay right here. The time and place where my son will suck his thumb in public, considers a superhero cape perfect for all occasions, and speaks aloud all his thoughts, all day, every day.

These are still the days when he is wholly mine, so I’m planning to linger here a little longer. We’ll stay out a bit too late at parks and lie on the deck watching the stars while telling silly stories. I’ll tuck him into our bed after he wakes up for a late night washroom visit instead of redirecting him back to his room. And when he drops words about bodily functions into our conversations, I’ll throw back my head and laugh the way he loves. Everything else can wait. These last days of summer are a gift for which I will be present.

Effeclean Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

As a green mom, I’m pretty strict about what passes into my home. I work hard to make eco-responsible, healthy choices and also adhere to our budget. Since both my little boys are prone to asthma incidents when they get a cold, I am particularly vigilant about maintaining good air quality in our home.

effeclean ecobaby cleaning productsI almost always make my own cleaning supplies but sometimes I do wish that I had some commercially available and ready to use items in the house, especially for workdays when others are in my home and not as confident about D.I.Y. cleaning products. So when I was recently asked if I’d like to review Effeclean, I was interested and asked about their ingredient list. I knew I would not review a product that contained items that I wouldn’t ever use in my house. Effeclean Canada was very open about providing me with the information and after reading the ingredient list, I was happy to try out their products.

Is Effeclean Natural?

Yes! EcoBaby Effeclean Bathroom Cleaner is made of water, corn, coconut, citric acid and essential oils. It is free of ingredients that I avoid such as Formaldehyde, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), Ammonia, Chlorine, and VOC’s. You can find the full list of what Effeclean does not contain here. Effeclean Ecobaby Hardwood Floor Cleaner is made of water, corn, coconut, water softener (natural salt), and a naturally derived surfactant. I inquired with Effeclean about what the surfacents were made of and learned that they use a combination of sugar cane and coconut. As of 2012, they no longer use palm oil, which I was pleased to learn as the harvesting of palm oil contributes to the loss of habitats for endangered species.

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Honest information to help you live green and love cloth diapering from a Canadian, urban, green mom.


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