{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday: Simple Sustainability

Did you know that sustainability means the capacity to endure? The word makes me imagine farmer’s fields and working the land. As an urban mama that’s just not my reality so I thought I’d take a quick look at my family’s green living practices to see which ones I consider sustainable.

We Make It Ourselves

From cleaning products, air fresheners, play dough and sometimes shampoo, we mix up our own simple recipes that are safe for the whole family and our planet. We’re building independence, D.I.Y. traditions and passing on family “secrets” to be handed down for generations.

 Sustainability Ideas: DIY Shampoo

We Give Items New Purposes

Old shirts become rags, microfibre diaper inserts are used for floor cleaning, soup jars become smoothie glasses and abandoned wood stumps get cut up to become outdoor building blocks.

Green Smoothie Mason Jar

…And Pass On Items We No Longer Need or Can Use

Once an item has no use to us we look for ways to get it out of our home by passing it along to friends, selling it or giving it away. If it must be disposed of we are committed to seeking the least environmentally impactful way.


We Invest In Better Stuff

Stainless steel water bottles and lunch containers, wool dryer balls, organic mattresses and bedding and cloth diapers. We may spend more money upon purchase but these products last and last!


How does your family practice sustainability?

4 Responses to {Mostly} Wordless Wednesday: Simple Sustainability

  • Brooke B. says:

    Love this! Have you shared your DIY recipes here on the blog? Maybe i missed them. :) I also love, love, love the idea of using old microfiber inserts for cleaning my floor. I read that on another blog today and it is such a GREAT idea. I can’t believe I never thought of that before!

  • You are doing so much … and I love the idea of handing down your DIY recipes. They become family heirlooms! Thanks for sharing your list with us!

    • Thank you! I want to start writing them down as I have a recipe book that is from my grandmother and great-grandmother that includes food and cleaning ideas. I love seeing it in their hand writing.

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