Get Your Drink On: Infused Water Ideas for Hot Days

Drinking water is a key towards good health yet so many of us forget to drink enough of it or avoid it because it is just so plain. In the hot days of summer, it is especially important to remember to stay hydrated.

But how can you (and your family) drink enough water and avoid the sugary trap of juices?

Try spicing up your water by by infusing it with some fruits, herbs, and vegetables. Think subtle tastes rather than strong flavouring.

infused grapefruit water

Grapefruit & Rosemary Infused Water

cherry and strawberry infusedwater

Cherry & Strawberry Infused Water

water infused with citrus

Oranges, Lemon, & Lime


Steps To Make Your Own Infused Water:

  • Choose your favourite fruits, vegetables, and herbs and playfully combine together to find your favourite flavour combinations.
  • Use filtered or tap water. Add ice to make it extra cold.
  • Wash all fruits, veggies, and herbs before placing in your water. (A little baking soda scrub or vinegar wash works well).
  • Lightly squeeze the fruit and/or herbs or mash gently with a wooden spoon to subtly release the tastes.
  • Use a mason jar, glass pitcher, or your preferred summer bottle to store your homemade infused water.
  • Reuse the fruit/vegetable/herb mixture a few times throughout the day. Eat and enjoy it or compost when done.


infused water with watermelon

Watermelon, Kiwi, & Mint


spa water ideas

{left} Lemon, Apple, & Ginger ; Strawberry, Lime, Thyme, & Ginger; Cucumber & Mint

I’m challenging myself to drink lots of water this summer by reusing my favourite big mason jar and trying out flavours based on what I have in my fridge. I’ve got a plastic cap so that I can close my water and carry it with me. I’m on the look out for a stainless steel one that can seal so let me know if you find one!

What’s your favourite infused water combination? Share it below!

One Response to Get Your Drink On: Infused Water Ideas for Hot Days

  • Jennifer says:

    I absolutely love frozen peaches in my water. Actually I freeze lots of fruit to use in water through out the year (gives me a little summer feeling in the winter!), but the grapefruit/rosemary looks awesome I have to remember that one for sure. I just use the regular sealer lid with my mason jar, boring I know but at least I know where they are in the house at all times.

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