Daycare and Diapering

Childcare and Cloth diapers

Cloth diapers and childcare can work but it may take some planning, time and flexibility on your part to make it happen.

Do Your Research

A major issue with cloth diapering at a daycare facility is the proper handling and storage of dirty diapers. Each province and state will have their own health and safety regulations regarding diapering procedures in a child care facility. Prior to approaching the supervisor of the daycare you are interested in, take some time to research the legislation. It will help you understand what steps daycare staff must follow and plan how you can propose that they cloth diaper your child in a way that will met the policies.

Ask For A Trial Period

If the daycare is reluctant or refuses to cloth diaper your child than ask for a trial period. Tell the supervisor and staff members that you would appreciate if they would try using the diapers for a few weeks or only half days. Agree to meet at the end of the trial period to hear how the staff feels about continuing the use of cloth diapers. Be prepared to accept their feelings and move forward with the outcome.

Open Up

Sometimes things that are different make people uncomfortable because they do not understand why you are making the choices you do. Explain to the child care staff your reasons for choosing to cloth diaper your child. Help them to understand why it is important for you and your child to continue to use cloth diapers.

Make It Easy

Listen to the concerns of the daycare staff and plan to do everything you can to alleviate them.

  • If your childcare is especially reluctant and your finances allow, purchase cloth diapers with Velcro closures.
  • Prepare all the diapers for daycare and consider using only styles that are treated as one piece (e.g., All-In-Ones, All-In-Twos and Pocket diapers). Place a flushable liner in each diaper so that it is ready to be put on your child without any fussing. Provide a fresh wet bag each day for storing all dirty diapers.
  • Send pre-moistened cloth wipes in a travel container or compromise and purchase an acceptable alternative brand of disposable wipes for use at daycare.
  • Leave a cloth diaper safe cream in your child’s cubby or consider supplying the daycare with one.

Does your child use cloth diapers at daycare? Did you need to advocate for the childcare staff to agree to try reusable diapers?

2 Responses to Daycare and Diapering

  • Carolyn says:

    I operate a home-based daycare and had previously been reluctant to accept children in cloth diapers, mostly due to my unfamiliarity with the products. However, one of the children whome I now care for approached me with the idea of simply trying it, which I was open to. She was very clear in assuring me that “it wasn’t my mess, it was hers”. And that convinced me. I treat them like disposables and just place them in the wetbag instead of my garbage. It never smells and doesn’t leak. It is actually EASIER! Love them!

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