15 things I’d tell my BFF about Breastfeeding…

Dearest Pal of Mine,

Having breastfeed (and still doing so) two babies in the past three years, here’s the scoop based on my experiences.

1. Get a comfortable chair to breastfeed in. You will spend many,many hours breastfeeding your child, especially in the first few months when you are completely exhausted. Be comfortable. Get something that will support your head and your feet.

2. I went on the quest for the holy grails of nursing pillows. I found it & now sell it here. More about that later. babynursingpillow

3. You might nurse 12 hours in a row during one of baby’s first days/nights. It’s ok. It won’t be then, but you will get through it. Matt and I enjoyed watching the entire Gone With The Wind on his second night.

4. Have plenty of water, and snacks (ideally healthy) within reach.

5. If your husband is like mine, and is a heavy sleeper, keep rolls of toilet paper nearby. Use them to throw at him if you need something. Try not to aim at his head…

6. Maybe your supposed to put the baby down, maybe your supposed to let your baby self-soothe…you need some sleep. Learn to nurse lying down.

7. Bringing baby into bed to nurse with you? Get a wool puddle pad or keep a soft towel down. The bed will get your milk on it.

8. Consider co-sleeping but learn how to do it safely. Start your research with   Dr. Sears, he may know a thing or two…..

9. When you are stressed, nothing stops it quite like sitting or lying down and  nursing your baby. Hormones. Forced relaxation. Let it happen.

10. If your baby is gaining weight and growing don’t worry about how much they are eating. You can’t measure it. Talk with your doctor, midwife, doula about it. But trust your gut, too. Don’t get hung up on your friends talking about how many ounces baby should be eating.

11. Give in to it. Sometimes, at first, you will feel like all you do is nurse. You are probably right and that’s okay.

12. Breastfeeding can be used as an excuse to avoid unpleasant chores you’d rather not do. Let your partner or support person switch the laundry, empty the dishwasher and sit back.

13. I bought an iPad on Matt’s due date, it was on a whim but it kept my sanity on some of those long nights when I felt like I was a human pacifier and was emotional about it. There are only so many shows you can watch in the middle of the night. I played Scrabble, and kept on top of my emails with a touch of the finger. I also read magazines, and chatted in several mommy forums, getting late night support!

14. Sometimes breastfeeding is frustrating. Baby wants you the most. Full Stop. Always.

15. You’ve now entered a secret club that only you and your baby belong too. Those moments together are only yours. You get to nourish them from your body. Enjoy this.

It is a privilege.



PS. Get your girls a good nursing bra;)

P.P.S. You may or may not lose weight while nursing. I don’t, some do.


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